Thursday, May 5, 2022

Jeep Beach 2022 Jeeps on The Beach

From Florida

By: E. Eugene Webb PhD

This past week Jeep Beach, an annual gathering of those who drive, modify, and love jeeps was held in Daytona Beach FL.

Sponsored by a host of local and Jeep Businesses

Jeep Beach is an annual event but was interrupted briefly by the COVID-19 virus. This year it was back in full force with something a little over 4000 jeeps registered for the event which spanned a full week (April 25 – May1) and consisted of numerous activities.

If you're interested in information about Jeep Beach and the host organization, you can go to their website here: Jeep Beach

The closing event of Jeep Beach week is an unsanctioned ride down Daytona Beach from the International Speedway Blvd access southward.

We set up just down from the entrance to the Jeep Beach access ride not too far from Land Sharks Bar and Grill, which was the beach side host for the event and started snapping pictures as the jeeps went by.

We have over 500 photographs of jeeps that participated in the Sunday event. And you can see them all right here just click on the link Jeeps on The Beach.

Here are the details regarding the photographs.

These photos are hosted at our photo blog posting site SmugMug.

You can scroll through the photos and copy individual photos for your own unlimited personal use at no charge.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the photo, you can do so from SmugMug, and all the revenue goes to the SmugMug hosting site.

Once again, you can find and copy these photos for your own personal or professional use and there is no charge, no copyright, no service mark on any of these photos.

These photos are raw pictures unedited they have a high pixel rate.

Before you go up there in the corner and click on download all, remember there are over 500 of these pictures so if you download all of them; it's going to take a lot of time on your Internet connection and a lot of space somewhere in your computer, or cloud drive.

I have been driving jeeps since 1985 and have had at least one every year since then. The Jeep community is a family community, and if you look at the photos, you will notice lots of kids in lots of jeeps.

If you own a Jeep and have never been to Jeep Beach in Daytona, I suggest you check it out. It's one of those rare events where virtually all the proceeds over costs go to local charities.

You can find out more at the Jeep Beach website. For now, click that link up there, go on our photo site and scroll through the photos and see if you can find your Jeep or one of your friend's jeeps

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