Thursday, April 21, 2022

Cannot Trust Those Closely Intertwined With All for Transportation Especially As AFT 2.0 $18 BILLION Rail Tax Do-Over Is Put on the Nov. Ballot

 Tampa, Fl

From: Eye On Tampa Bay
Posted by: Sharon Calvert

The local rail cartel includes elected officials, unelected bureaucrats, transit activists, some local media allies, lawyers and wealthy special interests who keep funding rail tax boondoggle referendums. 

These people are closely intertwined with the pro rail All for Transportation (AFT) Political Action Committee (PAC) funded by the wealthy special interests. Their collusive behavior and cozy relationships breeds distrust.

They work together, whether ethical or not, and have stacked transportation decision making positions in Hillsborough County with themselves. The result is they reside within their own group think bubble they rarely venture out of.

The taxpayer funded agency Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) embedded an All for Transportation (AFT) Political Action Committee video on their taxpayer funded website. Below is a screenshot captured of the video displaying AFT Co-founder Rena Frazier.

 This is unethical, especially when the TPO would be handed a boatload of new millions from the AFT rail tax. But is it legal and A-OK for a taxpayer funded agency to embed content from a biased Political Action Committee on their website?

The TPO removed the video only after they got caught.


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