Friday, December 10, 2021

Nobody is Afraid of Joe Biden

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Opinion by:  
E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin  

Have you noticed that the world seems crazier than ever?

Gas prices are up.
Food prices are up.
Big Pharma is running rampant.
Governors from many states are openly defying the President.
Putin is planning an invasion of Ukraine.
The Justice Department is all over the map.
Congress is not paying much attention to the White House.

The question is why? There are a couple of answers.

First, no one is afraid of Joe Biden. There is just nothing scary about President Biden.

Joe Biden is a kind and carrying individual who strongly believes that negotiation and compromise still work.

When he did take a shot in Afghanistan, the military had bad intel and things went wildly wrong.

Joe is unlikely to forget that anytime soon.

In every crisis and confrontation everyone knows what Joe is going to do. He is going to talk, negotiate and talk some more.

What he is unlikely to do is act without talking to everyone remotely attached to any issue. Biden still believes that time is on his side and patience will win out. Increasingly that stance is not working.

One of the reasons why things were calm, and the economy remained in check during the previous administration was the unpredictability of Trump.

It was difficult to predict Trump and almost everyone from Putin and Russia, Iran and Iraq, the Saudis and the other demagogues around the world to the corporate execs were reluctant to poke the Trump bear.

They just could not predict exactly what Trump might do.

Biden could put a stop to gas price gouging with a single action. But he will not. He could calm down price increases with a few strong hints or threats but he will not.

He could send a much stronger message that “economic Sanctions" regarding Ukraine but then he might actually have to back it up.

It seems that President Biden is standing in the past, peering through a veil that is growing ever darker trying to look into the future. The approaches of the past worked in the past but in today's world the approaches of the past simply do not meet the needs of the present or the future.

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