Sunday, August 1, 2021

DeSantis Denying all Science and all Reason to Raise Money

Opinion by:  
E. Eugene Webb PhD 

I received this campaign contribution solicitation a couple of days ago.

Please read it carefully. 


 We’ve known for some time about the devastating consequences of Fauci’s lockdown policies: jobs lost, businesses shuttered, schools closed and lives destroyed.

We’ve also known for some time that the most likely explanation for the start of the pandemic is that the COVID-19 virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.  

We’ve suspected for some time that Fauci and his bureaucratic brethren may have been involved in funding the Wuhan lab’s work to experiment on viruses in ways that made them more deadly to human beings.  

In fact, this past week we saw Senator Rand Paul, one of the rare members of Congress who actually holds Fauci accountable, expose Fauci for his false statements about the funding of the Wuhan lab. Fauci got agitated because he doesn’t want us to know his role in funding reckless, ethically dubious research that may have precipitated a global pandemic. 

Fauci needs to be fired and an investigation into his role in funding the Wuhan lab must be launched immediately. 

The corporate media is Fauci’s Praetorian Guard, and they are attacking me because I’ve been willing to hold Fauci accountable. 

Please stand with me so I can fight back against the media’s lies and Fauci-inspired attacks! Chip in $30, $15, or just $5 to help me continue my fight .

Ron DeSantis

To be completely clear, I voted for Ron DeSantis when he ran for governor, but this type of unprofessional attack on someone like Doctor Fauci is absolutely and completely unacceptable.

Everybody is free to hold their own opinion about Doctor Fauci’s approach to managing the coronavirus and protecting all of us from its impacts, but this type of personal attack from the highest-ranking political figure in the state, continues the DeSantis legacy of unworthiness to lead Florida.

Additionally, it confuses people who are uncertain about the vaccinations and about the spread of this horrific virus and in some ways freezes them in what could potentially be a devastating position of denial.

DeSantis and his COVID policies and denials, may end up being responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of newly infected Floridians, many of them children, their pain and suffering and in many cases ultimately their demise.

Now the governor, would offer to sacrifice our children for his economic goals and his  political gain. DeSantis is nothing less than a shortsighted, self-serving, political hack who does not deserve to be the Governor of a state as great as Florida.

The Governor should be doing all he possibly can to help mitigate the spread of this virus throughout the entire population of Florida rather than creating fear and uncertainty in an attempt to raise campaign funds.

DeSantis would cast Doctor Fauci as the boogeyman the one responsible for all of this, not true.

Fauci is trying to protect all of us: the young, the middle aged, the elderly. DeSantis and his political cronies are simply trying to exploit us.

Under no circumstances nor in any way shape or form would I consider contributing to or voting for Ron DeSantis to be the next governor of Florida.

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