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August is an Election Month in Florida Be Sure You Vote ...

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E. Eugene Webb PhD
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In many Florida counties and cities, August is an election month. There have been numerous changes in the election process following the 2020 presidential election, and  your best source of information is the Florida Department of State: Election Dates and your local county supervisor of elections.

In many cities and counties there will be significant changes to absentee ballots, mail in balance, ballot drop offs, and the election process in general. So, be sure to check with your local supervisor of elections if you are planning to vote by mail in ballot or absentee ballot.

Many people choose not to vote in these off major election cycle contests simply because they're too busy, not interested, or really don't know anything about the candidates.

This year, it would be a good idea to check with your local newspaper or your favorite local electronic media outlet, but not necessarily social media, and get some information on the elections in your city and county and who is running.

Generally, these elections are nonpartisan, but they really are not. They are often highly politically charged. So be sure to vote.

Vote in the primary, and in most cases the primary will result in a runoff so be sure to vote in the general election.

There is an old saying in politics, the government that affects you the most is your local government. When we allow highly biased, over political, or extremist candidates to be elected to these local government offices, it is not uncommon for chaos to ensue.

Here is how you can contact Your Supervisor of Elections:

Find your Supervisor of Elections  

Alachua, Kim A.Barton

Lake, Alan Hays 

Baker, Christopher Milton

Lee, Tommy Doyle

Bay, Mark Andersen

Leon, Mark S.Earley

Bradford, Amanda Seyfang

Levy, Tammy Jones

Brevard, Lori Scott

Liberty, Grant Conyers

Broward, Joe Scott

Madison, Heath Driggers

Calhoun, Sharon Chason

Manatee, Michael Bennett

Charlotte, Paul A.Stamoulis

Marion, Wesley Wilcox

Citrus, Maureen "Mo" Baird

Martin, Vicki Davis

Clay, Chris H.Chambless

Miami-Dade, Christina White

Collier, Jennifer J.Edwards

Monroe, Joyce Griffin

Columbia, Tomi Stinson Brown

Nassau, Janet H.Adkins

DeSoto, Mark F.Negley

Okaloosa, Paul A.Lux

Dixie, Starlet Cannon

Okeechobee, Melissa Arnold

Duval, Mike Hogan

Orange, Bill Cowles

Escambia, David H.Stafford

Osceola, Mary Jane Arrington

Flagler, Kaiti Lenhart

Palm Beach, Wendy Sartory Link

Franklin, Heather Riley

Pasco, Brian E.Corley

Gadsden, Shirley G.Knight

Pinellas, Julie Marcus

Gilchrist, Connie Sanchez

Polk, Lori Edwards

Glades, Aletris Farnam

Putnam, Charles Overturf

Gulf, John Hanlon

Santa Rosa, Tappie A.Villane

Hamilton, Laura Hutto

Sarasota, Ron Turner

Hardee, Diane Smith

Seminole, Chris Anderson

Hendry, Brenda Hoots

St. Johns, Vicky Oakes

Hernando, Shirley Anderson

St. Lucie, Gertrude Walker

Highlands, Penny Ogg

Sumter, William "Bill" Keen

Hillsborough, Craig Latimer

Suwannee, Jennifer Musgrove Kinsey

Holmes, Therisa Meadows

Taylor, Dana Southerland

Indian River, Leslie Rossway Swan

Union, Deborah K.Osborne

Jackson, Carol A.Dunaway

Volusia, Lisa Lewis

Jefferson, Marty Bishop

Wakulla, Joseph "Joe" Morgan

Lafayette, Travis Hart

Walton, Bobby Beasley

Washington, Carol F.Rudd

Need More information: Florida Division of Elections, Room 316, R.A. Gray Building, 500 South Bronough Street, Tallahassee, Fl. 32399-0250, 850.245.6200.

Remember, if you don’t vote, you don’t have a say in how your City or County is run. Finally, government and governing is all about compromise. Extreme positions right or left, conservative or liberal rarely govern well.

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