Monday, November 2, 2020

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY Be Sure to Vote

Check out the BayPost Voter Decision Tables Below. 

Florida West Coast

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

Need some help organizing your thoughts about who to vote for?

Below is a universal VOTER DECISION TABLE.

Simply put the candidates names under the Candidate column. There are a couple  of blank spots in the criteria column so you can add some of your specific issues for each race. 

Once you have completed the tables, add up the check marks and vote for the candidate with the largest total.

Don't forget the down ballot races.......

These are some of the most important votes you will cast.

Also, be sure to check the back of both pages of your ballot. That is where you will find the Amendments.

Remember you can also access this post with your smart phone.

Still got a mail in Ballot ?

To late to mail it. 

You can fill it out and take it to a voter drop box, or take it to your polling place and vote in person.

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