Friday, August 7, 2020

It’s Time to VOTE

Tampa Bay, Fl 
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD 
Author:  In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.      

Today would be a good day to dig around on the kitchen table, coffee table or wherever you toss your mail and find your mail in Ballot and VOTE. Fill out the Ballot, follow all the instructions and be sure to put the ballot in the mail.

No matter where you live what county or what city all the political races for state, county, city, town offices are important.

In Florida, we have closed primaries that means if you're a Democrat you can only vote for the Democratic candidates running for a particular office if you're a Republican you can only vote for the Republican candidates running for a particular office, and if you're an independent, you basically can't vote in the primary.

A lot of people think the primaries are kind of a waste of time. Not so. In many races where one party or the other does not have primary candidates, the winner of the primary where the party does have a candidate is automatically elected to the office.

You probably need to read that statement again.

If you need some information on the primary election in your County, you can enter this into the Google search bar, and it will take you to your supervisor of elections Web site. Just enter the name of your County and the words supervisor of elections and press enter. It will take you to the Supervisor of Elections home page for your County and somewhere on that page either on the left-hand side or on the right or across the top bar, there will be a heading that says something like Elections Information. Click that and then you can scroll around and find out about all the races in the election being held in your County.

If you have not been saving all of those campaign flyers and mailers that have been showing up in your mailbox, and you need some information about who's running for what most of the local and regional newspapers will have sections with information on the candidates in each race. I would take the newspaper's recommendations on who to vote for with a bit of a grain of salt, but the general information can be quite helpful to you if you haven't been following all the many races in each county.

In many counties, it may be too late to get an absentee ballot or a mail in ballot if you don't have one.  But, if you would like a mail in ballot, it would be a good idea to check that supervisor of elections website to see if one is still available and how you might go about receiving one.

Once again, please do not pass on this primary election. We need your vote and every vote to get the best slate of candidates for the general election.

There's a lot at stake in this election do your research vote for your candidate and let's get ready for the general election.

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