Sunday, June 14, 2020

As cases and deaths increase Will DeSantis Start a shut down? Can He Start a new shutdown?

Tampa Bay, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author:  In Search of Robin
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Things seem to be going from bad to worse. As Governor DeSanctis has opened Florida, the coronavirus seems to be taking advantage of the opportunity.
There was always the concern that starting the opening would lead to an increase in cases and COVID-19 related deaths. The worst part of that scenario seems to be playing out.
A lot of people are saying, “Well we're testing more so obviously we're going to have more cases," but more testing does not account for increasing hospitalizations and the rising death rate.
How much longer can the numbers continue to grow, how much higher can the total number of coronavirus-related deaths increase before it becomes incumbent upon the governor to take some action to slow the spread of the virus?
What's at stake practically and politically?
For some additional insight:
With the current political, unrest would the general population support another shutdown of Florida's economy.
How would President Trump likely react to a Governor DeSanctis decision to begin reversing the opening of Florida?
If Federal, State, County and local officials do act to protect the public from the rapid increase in cases and deaths what will you do?
As cases and deaths rise in Florida, and DeSantis continues to push forward with opening is your right to be protected from the spread of the coronavirus being considered.
Right now, there are a lot of issues on the table regarding the rights, responsibilities, and treatment of all citizens. The question is as it relates to the coronavirus is it practical for us as citizens to rely on any level of government to protect us from a viral illness? Further, to what extent should all governments at all levels be considering balancing their responsibility to public health safety and their responsibility to protect the economic viability of every community in the country? These are tough questions and virtually all our elected and appointed public officials are struggling to find appropriate answers.
In the general population, there seemed to be a lack of concern as the morbidity rate seems focused in the older age group of the population. But now as the number of cases grow and the death rate seems to be moving down in the population pool the question is will those who were more than willing not to wear masks, not practice social distancing; demand tier fights to assemble, and generally feel they weren't threatened by the coronavirus change their mind?
As politics and economics take the center stage in the coronavirus prevention issue, all of us will have to take more personal responsibility to protect ourselves and those we love from an infectious disease for which there is no cure, and the current primary form of prevention is  the management of social activity.
We can no longer count on the government at any level to have our best interest at heart when it comes to dealing with the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, I am not really sure they ever had our interest truly at heart.
This is quite likely the most politicized pandemic in human history. And as far as I can tell politics has never really cured anything. If they decide a new partial or total shutdown is needed to protect us from rising medical crisis, I plan to support it.
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