Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Hillsborough Commissioners Use Virus Distraction to Propose 16 billion New RAIL Tax Leaving Roads in Shambles

Tampa Bay, Fl 
Opinion by: Len Mead
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Hillsborough Commissioners Use Virus Distraction to Propose
$16 Billion New RAIL Tax Leaving Roads in Shambles 

As Obama’s hatchet man, “dead fish” Rohm Emmanuel declared,  “Never let
a crisis go to waste.” (To advance higher taxes, more government growth and regulations, and more socialism) 

So, right here in “River City” we got problems effecting our pocketbooks, our decrepit roads, and our county competitiveness with the highest sales tax in the state.  

What can YOU DO to stop this tax gouging and county budget mismanagement while you are “sheltering in place?”You can e-mail all our commissioners with one click HERE

  • Tell the commissioners now is the time to CUT TAXES, not raise them so our county returns to being tax competitive
  • Tell the commissioners to use the existing tax funds deceptively
    collected for surface rail be used to maintain and improve our roads
  • Tell the commissioners NOW is the time to lay off thousands of the 10,000 county bureaucrats on the payroll starting with the thousand making over $100,000.
  • Tell the commissioners to immediately LOWER our county sales tax 2% and KEEP it lowered as long as the bogus “transportation” rail tax has been in place.  This will return the deceptive taxes collected to taxpayers and make our county extra competitive with a 6.5% tax.
  • After the bogus rail tax has been returned to taxpayers, THEN raise it back 1% so our sales tax going forward is 7.5%.  
For help with your message to our commissioners, use Sharen Calvert’s details , below: 
or any of the suggested points above. You will have really accomplished something today even without leaving your “shelter.”

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