Friday, March 20, 2020

Why Bernie Sanders Should Stay in The Race

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Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin
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The chorus of voices calling for Bernie Sanders to withdraw from the presidential race continues to grow. Most of these voices are urging the Senator to withdraw and support Joe Biden and the Party.

The question at this point is whose interests are they are all these voices really speaking for?

Should Bernie withdraw from the race?

Alternatively, should Sanders remain in the race and provide direction for the group of loyal followers whom he has developed.

Part of the issue is this. Sanders has consistently poled out about 25%.

Well, his band of supporters may be small but their fearless loyalty and willingness to contribute, have the Sanders campaign looking like nothing we’ve seen in the past.

So, question becomes does Sanders abruptly withdraw from the race leaving a well established group of loyal supporters with no leadership and no direction?

As I’ve stated before, this is Sanders's last gasp. There will be no additional opportunity to run for the presidency, no new nationwide platform to promote his socialistic agenda from.

Sanders is essentially done with politics the minute he withdraws from this race.

There will be the typical political platitudes and thank-yous, but Bernie will fade from the political scene faster than a rose lying in the hot sun.

Where are Sanders followers likely to go? Who might emerge as their new leader?

Will they vote in the next election or will they abandon the party and vote for Donald Trump or just not vote at all much as they did in the previous election when they walked away from Hillary?

I think it would be dangerous for Sanders to abandon his group of followers with no leadership in place.

It would seem this would be a ripe opportunity for someone to reach out to this group with perhaps a more aggressive form of socialism and attempt to take control of what is now a reasonably moderate wing of the Democratic Party.

That revolution could be devastating for all of us.
I think a much better approach would be for Sanders to select a vice-presidential  running mate, not so much in expectancy of winning the White House but select a person who could step into the leadership role of the group that Bernie has spent so much time and effort establishing.

Sanders has a responsibility to this group. They have followed him loyally for several election cycles now. They are well seasoned; they understand their mission, and to leave them without direction would be a serious disaster.

This is not about Joe Biden or the Presidency as much as it is about protecting the values of democratic socialism.

Stay in the race Bernie stick with your supporters. Educate a new leader and leave a legacy.

Don’t worry about Joe Biden, he will be just fine. In fact, I think he will be a better candidate to face Trump if he earns the nomination as opposed to having the Party establishment leverage his nomination.   

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