Friday, January 31, 2020

Democrats and Republicans - Beware of John Bolton

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Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
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Everybody is extremely interested in having John Bolton testify in the impeachment hearings.
The problem is nobody really knows what John Bolton is going to say.
Recent revelations, reportedly from his new book, would indicate that the testimony he would give at the hearing would be damaging to President Donald Trump.
In reality, nobody really knows for sure.
The Democrats think Bolton would be the nail in Trump’s coffin, but they could be wrong.
Is he going to try to sell his book? Is he going to try to bury President Trump or is he going to offer testimony that will completely explode the Democrats case? I think all of those are viable options.
So, it seems to me to be a risk to both the Republicans and the Democrats to invite John Bolton into the impeachment trial.
Most people believe that Bolton is a true hawk, but he’s also his own person. Read this:
Bolton nominally falls into the realist camp, but he inhabits the extreme end of it – he is a hard-liner and a hawk. He reflexively distrusts diplomacy to settle disputes. He believes that force and coercion are preferable means to advance U.S. interests. Bolton views international relations as a series of nasty, brutish and short” struggles where military force is the deciding factor.”
Bolton served inside a number of administrations always with controversy. Bolton's focus is always on self-serving interest, so is the risk worth it?
I don’t know, but one thing is one thing is for certain if John Bolton takes the stand, and he is questioned by both parties it will be some of the most explosive testimony ever presented in an impeachment hearing.
So only time will tell.
Everybody would be a whole lot better off if John Bolton didn’t testify. Let him promote his book on the talk shows and cable channels.
I think it’s just going to  make people more confused more frustrated more upset and less informed that they are now.
Let’s just read the book and form our own opinions.
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