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Early look at the upcoming St. Petersburg Municipal Election

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Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

From the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Website here is the current schedule for the upcoming St. Petersburg Municipal Elections.
Most important here is the VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE which is October 7, 2019.
Mailing dates for mail in ballots have yet to be determined.

Municipal General Elections 

November 5, 2019

Voter Registration Deadline: October 7, 2019
Early Voting: The municipalities have chosen not to conduct early voting
for these elections as provided in Florida Statute 101.657(1)(e).

Ballot Mailing Schedule:
Military and Overseas Voters (TBD)
Domestic Voters (TBD) 464-VOTE(8683)
Deadline to request a ballot to be mailed:   
5:00 p.m. October 26, 2019

 Polls Open 7:00 am - 7:00 pm on Election Day

Below is a list of candidates for the available St. Pete City Council Seats. If you click on the Ballotpedia link following each candidate’s name, there is more information.
District 1
Robert Blackmon
John Hornbeck
District 3
Ed Montanari 
Orlando Acosta
District 5
Debora Figgs-Sanders Ballotpedia
Trina Cox  Ballopedia

District 7
Lisa Wheeler-Brown 
Eritha Brandis Cainion

Here is what the ballot will look like along with the Charter Amendment and Referendum  issues for the City of St. Petersburg.

Council Member - District 1
(Vote for One)
Robert G. Blackmon
John M. Hornbeck

Council Member - District 3
(Vote for One)

Orlando A. Acosta
Ed Montanari

Council Member - District 5
(Vote for One)
Trenia L. Cox
Deborah Figgs-Sanders

Council Member - District 7
(Vote for One)
Eritha "Akile" Cainion
Lisa Wheeler-Bowman

City of St. Petersburg
No. 1 Charter Amendment
Creating Exception to Referendum Requirement for Accepting Conservation or Preservation Grants and Clarifying Related Language  
The City Charter currently provides three exceptions to the referendum requirement for dispositions of park property, concerning utility easements and grants for recreational and airport uses. Shall the Charter be amended to clarify these exceptions and create a fourth exception that allows City Council to accept grant funds from a government agency for environmental conservation or preservation of park property when those grants restrict park uses to reinforce the Charter’s conservation or preservation goals?
 City of St. Petersburg
No. 2 Charter Amendment 
Aligning Terms of City Council Members and Mayor with City Council Meeting Schedule
The City Charter currently calls for each City Council Member and Mayor to take office on the second day of January following the election. Shall the Charter be amended as shown in ordinance 379-H so that Council and Mayoral terms start on the first or second Thursday of January, to align with the regular meeting schedule of City Council, and to make related changes to the Charter concerning vacancies and City Council officers?
City of St. Petersburg
Referendum Question
Authorizing Agreement for Operation of St. Petersburg Sailing Center Through December 31, 2040
May City Council approve a new or amended agreement for operation of the St. Petersburg Sailing Center by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club subject to conditions in ordinance 383-H? These conditions include: approval by at least six members of City Council; term ending on or before December 31, 2040; and Yacht Club must fund minimum of $800,000 in construction, reconstruction, or improvements to Sailing Center that become City property upon completion.
Be sure to check candidate's web sites and look for debates and town hall meetings with the candidates so you can make informed decisions about this election.
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