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Tampa Bay’s news media missed another one

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By author: Robert Neff

On May 16, 2016, St. Petersburg City Council passed the new noise ordinance. Last week, Mayor Kriseman signed the ordinance into effect. The new noise ordinance is expected to be posted to the City’s Municode in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the City has been silent. The City has provided no publicity or community outreach. There has been no word from the media.

Mayor Kriseman and City Council have just given bars and restaurants the right to blast music into your home and you probably can’t stop it, because:
  • Mayor Kriseman won’t tell us why he asked the Police Chief to enforce the noise ordinance for two weeks because there is a revised noise issue and this would make the public feel like the City was engaged. See email below.
  • City Council Member Kornell refuses to respond to a constituent about why City Council Member Kornell worked with Flamingo Owner and Skyway Marina Board President Jack Dougherty, and Community Service Officer Kelly to develop a strategy to deal with a resident who complained about the noise. I am that constituent and resident. See email below.
  • City refused to include a medical expert to examine the negative impact noise has on adult and children’s health.
  • For years, the City had conducted no data analysis to understand the noise issue. Even when presented the noise analysis, they conducted their own heat map to show where the noise issues were, but stopped there. The City does not understand the issue is City wide, and which apartments, condominiums, residences, and bars and restaurants have repeat calls.
  • City failed to address why the Police are not enforcing or selectively enforcing the noise ordinance. While the City can dedicate patrols to target and cite vehicles with loud stereos, the City has not provided dedicated patrols to address bar with high repeat noise calls. This is even when Mayor Kriseman in his April 11, 2017 email to Chief Holloway, tells Holloway the bars with greatest number of complaints are Tryst, Caddy's, the Landing at Janis, and the Flamingo (Resort) on 34th Street. Makes you wonder who is running the show?  

Mayor Kriseman lacks transparency

When sewage was being dumped into Tampa Bay and the City hides this from residents, the media jumped on this. But when Mayor Kriseman and City council are not transparent on the noise issue, the media is silent. 

What is the Impact of Noise Pollution?

For Adults and children, noise can lead to anxiety, heart issues, hypertension, and loss of sleep. It can cause permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, a constant ringing noise in the ears, and hyperacusis, an intolerance of loud noises. 
Is it right that a bar is playing its music and I can hear it plainly in my residence? It 's right in St. Petersburg!

Why is the Media silent?

The media is not investigating the noise issue! They are only publishing sensational articles to support the downtown bars. The noise issue outside downtown has been ignored. The Tampa Bay Times and news media are notably absent. The media feeds the City's myth that the noise issue is a downtown issue, when it is a city wide issue.

Why are the City, Tampa Bay Times and the news media so silent when the data presents a different story?

Email: April 11, 2017 between Mayor Kriseman and Police Chief Holloway. 

Email: May 30, 2014. Flamingo Resort's Jack Dougherty to City Council Member Steve Kornell

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