Wednesday, April 10, 2019

St. Petersburg’s noise calls continue to trend higher in 2019

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By author: Robert Neff

Previously reported that January 2019 was trending higher than January 2018. The trend continued for first three months. Where 2018 had 2,517 noise calls, 2019 could be over 4,000 calls. This would break the 2013 record and be the highest ever recorded under Mayor Kriseman's Mayorship. To view the calls on the City's StatMap, click on the link below.

2019 — First three months 

984 Noise Calls
132 Loud Party

2018 — First three months 

611 Noise Calls
87 Loud Party

Difference — First three months 

+373 Noise Calls
  +45 Loud Party

Will the increase calls impact the noise citation rate for the bars?

Probably not, that is, unless the Mayor asks the police force to enforce the noise ordinance and issue citations to bars and residences with repeat calls. Until then, residents, vehicles and motorcycles are more likely to be issued a citation than a bar.
While the data has proven the Police are not enforcing the noise ordinance, this email from Mayor Kriseman to Police Chief Holloway will help you understand why the City of St. Petersburg has an abysmal citation rate.

The Mayor is selectively enforcing the noise ordinance to make himself look good. Appearance matters more to Mayor Kriseman than the resident's health and well being.

But Mayor Kriseman is not alone in his quest to turn up the volume. City Council Member Kornell has worked with the Community Service Officer, and Flamingo Resort owner, who is the Board President for the Skyway Marina District. Together, they developed a strategy to deal with a resident who repeatedly called the police to report Flamingo Resort's noise.

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