Sunday, July 22, 2018

Quarter Pounder over cooked to order at the Golden Arches

If you grabbed this guy with both hands and took a big bite you would probably lose part of a finger.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.
I was in Manatee County checking on the new home we are building, and it was lunch time. There was a new McDonald's nearby, and I had been longing to try the “new” juicer McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
You know the one where the guy in the commercial grabs a great juicy looking burger with both hands and takes a big bite? Yep that one!
I rolled in about noon stepped up to the counter and ordered a Quarter Pounder with cheese, drink and small fry. After a bit of a struggle with the point-of-sale  terminal. I was handed a cup a receipt and a clever plastic table tent with a number I guess to convey to me this sandwich is being made to order.
I was impressed and hopeful.
After an appropriate wait a dutiful McDonald’s employee, who said she was having trouble finding me and my table tent, dropped off my burger and fries.
First thing I noticed was the small fry bag, which, by the way, seems to get a bit smaller as time goes by was only about two-thirds full.
I unwrapped the Quarter Pounder, it seemed a bit smaller than I expected, especially based on the TV commercial. If you grabbed this guy with both hands and took a big bite you would probably lose part of a finger.

I lifted the top off the burger expecting to see my juicy burger and melted cheese, only to be confronted with a lonely looking pickle lying in the middle of small squirt of ketchup surrounded by a few small pieces of onion lying on a dry looking burger patty.
No juice, no dripping melted cheese, just a dry burger looking like a cross between a cardboard mock up and a well-used hockey puck.
To top it all off the burger was only mildly warm. Not exactly what you would expect from “cooked to order.”
Burger price $4.29
I slathered on a couple of those little bags of ketchup, woofed it down and got back to my task.
It makes you wonder about that fresh not frozen claim.
This could be an exception, but it seems to me if you are going to spend all that money advertising a product you should spend enough to deliver it.
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