Sunday, April 29, 2018

St. Petersburg is it a crisis of trust or a crisis of competency?

Just tell them what they want to hear and hope the truth never comes out.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog 
It has been a couple of bad weeks for the Kriseman administration.

There is the growing controversy over the Noise Ordinance, the cost over run on the Pier, and the ongoing in ability of the Kriseman Administration to get a handle on the sewer issue. 

On the Noise front, there is this by Bay Post Author Robert Neff:
St. Pete’s bar noise can cause irreparable harm to residents.

Then there was this on the City’s Wastewater management issues:

It was enough to make Kriseman’s Spin Doctor Ben Kirby dash out for some more antacid pills.

I like Times Columnist John Romano. I read almost everything he writes and usually agree with his positions. I have a bit of an issue with his latest article,  Romano: Forget the sewers, St. Pete has a crisis of trust.

I don’t think it is a trust issue for the Kriseman Administration anymore.

Anyone with half a brain that has been following Kriseman since the election, and the sewage crisis lost any trust long ago.

We are now down to a crisis of competency. Kriseman has been noticeably absent on major issues lately unless you count the cute little substance free e-mail blasts the Kirby machine spits out periodically.

The Deputy Mayor has been holding down the Mayor’s chair during City Council meetings and doing an admiral job I might add. Good exposure for the next Mayors race.

If you don’t worry about how much money, the Kriseman Administration is running through, the Mayor has had a pretty good spring so far by staying out of site and not doing anything about the growing lack of respect for his administration.

It is time the Mayor made some major changes over at Water Resources and if Goodwin can’t get the Noise Ordinance off the ground with enough substance to give City Council something they can hang their hat on, then Kriseman better step in on this one too.  

We need to get all we can from the Mayor before the primary and midterm election season heats up, and the Mayor begins his campaign efforts for fellow Democrats which will surely take up the majority of his time.
 After all Politics is what Kriseman is best at.

Kriseman hasn’t been very good at the Major’s job from the start, think Pier, Pier Park, etc., and his on-the-job training has not helped much.

Kriseman’s greatest failure so far has been his inability to instill competency and respect for the City and the Citizens in his key staff people. When he stands up and lies to the public everybody, and I mean everybody in the City organization gets the message.

Just tell them what they want to hear and hope the truth never comes out.

Great plan, just has not been working out well lately.

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