Friday, January 26, 2018

Kriseman goes to Washington but no invite to the White House

It is not surprising that dumb late-night tweets come home to haunt.

Mayors from across the nation are attending the annual US Conference of Mayors winter meeting in Washington this week.

Locally, Mayor Bob Buckhorn has been invited to the White House to meet with President Trump along with Clearwater Mayor George Cretekos. 

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman did not make the White House invitation list.

You can get more detail from the Tampa Bay Times article by Charlie Frago: Buckhorn hopes to find common ground with Trump on infrastructure.

You will remember that Mayor Kriseman made some social media news on Twitter back in December of 2015 when he “banned” then candidate Trump from St. Petersburg.

I didn’t think it was cute at the time. See my Post: Kriseman on Trump is that what you elected him to do?

It is not surprising that dumb late-night Tweets come home to haunt.

Kriseman has lost an opportunity to make the case for St. Petersburg to a President who is definitely affected by one on one interactions.

Clearwater Mayor George Cretekos is there to represent his constituency and while we can hope Mayor Bob Buckhorn will be magnanimous enough to speak in terms of the “Bay Area” and not just Tampa don’t hold your breath if you live in St. Pete.

The honorable Tampa Mayor may or may not be a political friend of Krisemans’ but when it comes to competition between the two Cities Buckhorn is all about Tampa.

Will anything come of all of this?

Hard to say but Trump is known to react favorably to people and opportunities he respects. Cretekos and Buckhorn both represent themselves, and their Cities well and should anything substantial develop as a result of this opportunity do not be too surprised if its City specific and St. Pete is not included.

Thanks Rick.

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