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Puppy Stores – there should be a law

Sometimes when he sits and looks at me, I still have to choke back tears.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.

Max is my now 10-year-old toy poodle. If you have followed this Blog for a while, you have read about Max’s struggles in life.

Max was a puppy store puppy purchased from All about Puppies in Largo. He was born May 25, 2007, and came home with me on October 6, 2007.

After a couple of visits to my Vet, he indicated Max had what appeared to be some physical genetic defects, nothing serious and even a serious canine observer would have had a hard time detecting them. Max seemed fine and adjusted with no issues.

About age five, very early for a poodle, Max’s eyes started to cloud, and you can read about our journey together in these Posts.

Following these posts in 2016, a routine visit to Blue Pearl revealed the retina in his worst eye had begun detaching, we decided to wait a bit and in a follow up the retina had seriously detached. It was too late to save the eye, and he lost his vision in the left eye.

A slight detachment of the retina in the right eye had begun. The folks at Blue Pearl referred me to Animal Eye Care Specialty Clinic in Deerfield Beach and Dr.Susan Carasto who specializes in canine retinal surgery.

Since we had a home in Delray Beach just up the road from Deerfield, the logistics were easy, and Max came through the surgery in flying colors.

These folks are nothing short of true miracle workers.

It is approaching two years, and Max is still a happy-go-lucky character enjoying life.

What prompted this Post is a story in the Tampa Bay Times by Sara :Largo woman: My dog almost died even though Petland said it was healthy

There were two poodles in the cage that day, brothers they told me. I almost bought both, but since I already had a dog at home I just picked the more active one.

I often wonder what happened to Max’s brother.

Theresa and I are thankful and fortunate enough to have the resources to deal with problems like these; they are costly. In many case's dogs like Max are put down or just discarded.

Sometimes when he sits and looks at me, I still have to choke back tears. He is my best friend.

Franchised puppy stores support the puppy mill business, and the product should always be suspect.

Never believe the claims or the certificates or the warrantees.

Don’t know a breeder? Check with a local veterinarian or adopt.

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