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Baker VS Kriseman Endorsements – what do they mean?

If you love St. Pete, vote your heart not your Party. Baker is really the right choice for St. Pete.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.

In two days those who have not yet voted in St. Petersburg’s Mayoral Race will go to the Polls. This has been the most partisan mayoral race since the strong Mayor form of Governance was instituted in 1992.

Endorsements of the candidates by political figures and community leaders have flowed from both campaigns. However, what do they really mean?

Kriseman Campaign

Rick Kriseman has sought and received endorsements from former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The important point here is that neither of these Democrats have even the slightest clue about what goes on in St. Petersburg nor do they really care. Their only interest is that a (D) appears beside the Mayor of St. Petersburg’s’ name. They are merely responding to a plea from a Democrat, and it is all about the Party and nothing about St. Petersburg, you or your concerns.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s comments were especially partisan.

Kriseman has also been endorsed by his fellow City Council Democrats, even though some have openly questioned his actions, Just more partisan politics.

Casting a vote based on these endorsements is a bad choice for you and your City.

From the Baker Campaign

Rick Baker said from the beginning, he did not want to play the partisan card, and he has not solicited any endorsements from major national political players.

He did get the endorsement of:
40 St. Petersburg Pastors and religious leaders, these are people who know St. Petersburg and its people.

Pinellas Relators endorse Rick Baker for Mayor, these people know the community.

Five former Mayor’s Endorse Rick Baker, these are men who know what the job entails and felt Rick Baker is the best choice for the job. Notably, one is a Democrat.

The point here should be obvious. Rick Kriseman is the political player who seeks political name power to get you to vote for him.

Rick Baker is the one who people in St. Petersburg on the ground, familiar with St. Petersburg and it’s needs believe can do the best job for you and your community.

Voting for Rick Kriseman simply because you are a registered Democrat is a bad idea. It will get you four more years of lying, incompetent and questionable cronyism and mismanagement.

Unlike Rick Kriseman, Rick Baker is not focused on politics he is focused on you and his City.

If you love St. Pete, vote your heart not your Party. Baker is really the right choice for St. Petersburg.

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