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Hurricane Irma Preparation – Emergency Supplies and Photo Documentation

Be sure to take pictures and videos of your home, cars, boats, trailers and campers.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.

Here is a list of Emergency Supplies from Florida’s State Emergency Response team:

o   Water (at least a gallon a day per person, for 3 to 7 days)
o   Food (enough for at least 3 to 7 days)
o   Non-perishable foods and juices
o   Foods for infants and the elderly
o   Snack foods
o   Non-electric can opener
o   Cooking tools and fuel
o   Paper plates and plastic utensils
o   Blankets and pillows
o   Clothing (Including rain gear and sturdy shoes)
o   First-Aid Kit, medicines and prescriptions
o   Toiletries ad hygiene items
o   Special care items (for babies or the elderly)
o   Moisture wipes
o   Flashlight and batteries
o   Radio (Battery operated and NOAA weather radio)
o   Cash (Banks and ATMs may not be open or available)
o   Keys
o   Toys, books and games
o   Important documents (Keep in a waterproof container)
o   Insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, social security cards, etc.
o   Toolset
o   Pet care items
o   Proper identification and immunization records
o   Ample supply of food and water
o   Carrier or cage
o   Medication
o   Muzzle and leash

If you have a generator make sure you have:
o   Adequate extension cords with the right plugs
o   Note the Power requirements of items you connect to the generator.
o   Fuel: Do Not store close to the generator.
o   Generators get very hot keep them in a place where they are not near combustible materials.

Portable propane stoves or grills: 
     o   Disconnect fuel can when not in use.
o   If you are not used to cooking with an open flame use caution.

Using your Cell Phone or digital camera take pictures of the following:

o   Your Home or Apartment: 
o   All angles, including a shot front and back of the roof
o   Garage door
o   Fences - each fence segment
o   Pool and enclosure: front, each side, back and top
o   Patio: Any structures (Pergolas, built in grills, fire pits)
o   Yard toys, swing sets
o   Screen rooms or Florida rooms interior and exterior.
o   Covered decks, especially those with aluminum roofs
o   Interior: Video of each room or still shots of each room be sure to get electronics
o   Detached Garage: front, each side, back, roof and door
o   Any Trees in your yard or a neighbor’s yard that might fall.
o   All your cars and trucks: front, each side and back
o   Work Trailers: front, each side and back
o   Campers: front, each side and back. If your camper is parked in offsite storage go take pictures of your camper and the surroundings and make sure they are DATED.
o   Boats: front, each side and back. If your boat is parked in offsite storage go take pictures of the boat and surroundings, if moored in a marina or mooring field take pictures and make sure they are DATED. 
o   Any other large scale or expensive item take pictures.

Upload these pictures to your cloud storage so you will have them should you lose your cell phone or camera or put them on a CD.

Repeat all the above photos/videos so you have before and after video documentation.

Upload these pictures to your cloud storage so you will have them should you lose your cell phone or camera or put them on a CD.

Be prepared to share this information with any claim's adjuster that you deal with.

This will be the most valuable information you will have should you need to file an insurance claim. It takes all the argument out of the “condition before” discussion.

If you have recently made major improvements to your home, new roof, paint, new windows, new garage door look up the receipts NOW so you can provide copies for any possible claim.

The better your documentation the quicker and possible larger you claim settlement will be.

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