Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How many noise related calls are made each day in the City?

There were no noise citations issued for businesses and residences.

St. Petersburg Fl
Public Opinion by author: Robert Neff

In 2016, there were 2908 noise related calls in St. Petersburg, Florida. Each day, on average 46% of the calls were made from 11 PM — 8AM Monday through Thursday and after Midnight on Weekends. That is, 46% of the calls could have potentially been in violation. The numbers of calls were 1558 from 8 AM to 11 PM and 1350 from 11 PM to 8AM and after Midnight on Weekends. However, there were no noise citations issued for businesses and residences.

If the calls reported from over 1000’ away were considered in this count, project the difference between the calls would significantly increase and more calls would be in violation of the noise ordinance.

On average, 41% of the calls were from Friday through Sunday were in potentially in violation of the noise ordinance, whereas 55% of the calls were from Monday through Thursday were in violation.

Figure 1. Percentage 2016 Total Noise Related Calls Made by Day of Week, St. Petersburg, Florida

Figure 2. 2016 Total Noise Related Calls by Day of Week, St. Petersburg, Florida

Figure 3. 2016 Total Noise Related of Calls by Month, St. Petersburg, Florida

Figure 4. 2016 Total Noise Related Calls for Each Day of Week by Hour

1. Total calls includes both noise nuisance and loud party calls, and one ordinance violation for noise at the Flamingo Resort.
2. Calls dispatch rolled up into other calls were not considered.
3. Two calls made on July 16 and 17, where Police cannot produce the Call ID nor audio were included in the count.
4. Calls made on a holiday 11 PM - Midnight were treated as “In Violation”. The data set used did not allow the calls to be separated. The number of calls not in violation of the noise ordinance is expected to be low and not adversely impact the results.

Public input is being sought on the Noise Ordinance. You may express your concerns and thoughts by emailing the Mayor at mayor@stpete.org, and your council member, council@stpete.org.

Author Bio

Mr. Neff has run hi-end eCommerce operations for major national and international brands. He was Chief Web Operations Division at United States Mint and an executive in luxury retail eCommerce. He has several startups under his belt and has worked in Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and Dallas. in the past, he was Director Online Sales for a consumer product company, directed eCommerce marketing operations and online analytical operations. Now retired, he is enjoying life as an award winning photographer, writer, and contemporary artist who has shown his work at one of Art Miami's International Art Shows, Spectrum Miami. He occasionally tests online products for companies in Silicon Valley. The value he brings is institutional knowledge from years of experience.

When the City of St. Petersburg noise issue became an issue for others and him, Mr. Neff dusted off his skills to conduct an investigation, data collection and data analysis.

Should you have a noise-related story to share or have a question, contact me directly via email.

The opinions here are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bay Post Internet or the Blog Publishers where it appears.
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