Friday, October 28, 2016

Are there enough closet Trump supporters to carry the day for the Donald?

If you have been to a Trump rally, have you ever been polled and more importantly how did you respond?

As we move ever closer to Election Day, it would seem with all the early voting the election may already be decided.

The pundits and the mainstream media are talking as if it is all over accept the Clinton victory lap.

Clinton is moving on seemingly assuming that the polls are correct she is spending time trying to firm up support for down ballot Democrats.
Could it be Trump may actually be correct in his assumptions the polls are off base?

I am not buying into the fact the polls are phony I just think they may be missing a significant share of the new voters Trump has drawn to the election process.

Look at these pictures and ask yourself what you think the odds are these people have been polled.

If you have been to a Trump rally, or watched one have you ever been polled and more importantly how did you respond.

I have met people who have told the pollsters they are voting for Clinton to avoid the follow-up questions about Trump.

Then there are the closet Trumpers.

I have lost count of the number of people that have told me that they are voting for Trump but have no bumper sticker; no yard sign, no make America great again hat just a vote.

If they are asked in a group who they are voting for the response is, "I haven't decided yet." You can put most of those folks in the Trump column simply because they do not want to spend the rest of the evening defending some of Donald's off-the-wall  comments and positions.

They are, however, ready for a change in Washington.

All conventional wisdom and history would indicate Clinton has this election in the bag. Everybody I know whose business is politics think Clinton is a shoe in.

Maybe, but if my recent trip through the middle of the state is any indication election night will be a nail biter.

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