Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday June 5, 2016 A Memorial Day Epilog

The pain and the loss don't stop on the battlefield or in those rows of flags it goes on for a lifetime in those who remain.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin

 Following My Memorial Day Post, I received this e-mail posted here with her permission.

Thank you for your piece on Memorial Day, and drawing attention to the cost of war to families. No one seems to ever get this, instead, assuming every family member is interested only in glorifying the death of their loved one. As a war widow for the past 45 years, I know, first hand, that your words are true; the hurt never does go away.

I was once asked to plan a Veteran's Day parade, but when my town learned I planned to include disabled vets and Gold Star families in the parade, they replaced me with someone who planned a parade full of flags and war-mongering. This was in the late 70s, and I'm glad to see that times have changed a little bit - but not much. People still want to glorify war, which is probably why attention goes to Gold Star moms and dads, but rarely to widows. We're an inconvenient truth. Much easier to accept the effects of war if the emphasis goes only to glorifying the dead; never mind about the frequent cuts to benefits for widows and children, or having to answer the question, "why did Daddy die?"

Are you aware that kids of dead soldiers lose their health coverage at age 18 (or 23 if going to college)? Every other kid is covered under the Affordable Care Act - but not the kids of dead soldiers.

There is a wealth of nasty things our country does to Gold Star families. I wish someone would shine a light on the issue. Are you interested?

Thank you very much for writing your article. I hope people will read it and come to a better understanding of what we create when we create war.

(Personal contact information removed at the writer's request)

It is easy to invite some friends over and grill a few hot dogs or burgers or go to the beach for a great day in the sun and forget the terrible cost Memorial Day symbolizes for the people most directly affected.

The pain and the loss don't stop on the battlefield or in those rows of flags it goes on for a lifetime in those who remain.

If you know someone, who has lost a loved one to war put them in a special place in your prayers and not just on Memorial Day but every day.

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