Friday, June 24, 2016

A different take on Trump

What if Trump has decided he does not want to be President?

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin
Most of us have watched as Donald Trump's presidential campaign went into a tailspin over the last couple of weeks. As Trump continued his aggressive attack style of campaigning and threatened a federal judge while appearing to use his influence to help one of his personal businesses the pundits went wild.

The commentators rejoiced as Trumps' numbers plummeted. The Republican elite started licking their chops at the growing public support to cut Trump off at the convention.

Trump supporters held on trying vainly to defend their champion while Trump kept Tweeting himself deeper and deeper into a hole.

What is going on the media asked? Has Trump taken leave of senses?

The Republican elite from Paul Ryan right on down started running from Trump as fast as they could. The Dump Trump campaign got new legs as a group of Republican insiders started to develop plans for convention rule changes to deny Trump the nomination.

The stage is set for a contentious convention and Trump has all but assured the TV ratings will be through the roof. It could easily be the largest stage Donald Trump has ever stepped out on.

But what if Trump has decided he does not want to be President?

Being president would be messy for Trump. It would probably take most of his first term just to straighten out the legal mess of his companies. He would lose control of all of his empire and most of his money.

As of now, Trump has proved his point. He won the nomination.

He shoved all of the political elite into a corner and soundly thrashed them. He has dominated the political landscape for almost an entire year and made even the toughest Republicans cringe.

But he can't just quit.

If he were too simply, throw in the towel now he would be forever haunted by the press and the Republican elite as "Trump the Quitter" not something Trump wants to deal with.

Why not back the Republican elite and top brass into a yet another corner and force them to deny him the nomination? What better way than to attack, attack, attack and get the Republican good ole' boys into a frenzy where they fall right into his trap.

When they pull off their dirty little tricks at the convention to thwart the will of the people, Trump supporters will be enraged. The general public will be mystified and Trump will be indignant but watch for that little smile at the corner of his lip.

Trump will cry foul, but not too loudly, threaten and maybe actually sue the Republican National Committee but most importantly he can remain a dominating force in the Republican Party while not having to deal with the issue of a long and difficult campaign and the possibility of  being President.

No matter whom the Republicans go on to nominate, they will be soundly defeated at the polls and when the election smoke clears who will be sitting there Tweeting "I could have won but you guys took it away?"

Donald Trump.

Sound farfetched, re-read The Art of Deal.

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Contributor: Bob Gualtieri for Pinellas County Sheriff

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