Friday, February 12, 2016

The Political Media Class

The political media class is no longer journalists they are arbitrators deciding who qualifies and for whom you should or should not vote.

St. Petersburg, FL
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin

We have heard a lot about the "political class" in this presidential election cycle but not to be over looked is the "political media class."

From the very beginning of Trump's and Sander's campaign the mainstream political media pundits, reporters, anchors, news directors and media outlets have for the most part decried their candidacies.

At first, they treated both of them as a joke, then as political anomalies then as a threat.

The political media class is tied to political insiders as stink is to a skunk. Most of these people make their living from their access to and media coverage of the political class.

What I find so disturbing about all of this is the political media class really believes they know what is best for this country. From NPR to Fox and CNN they are trying desperately to manipulate this presidential race.

A good example is this  NEWSMAX piece.  Dick Morris: Rubio, Fox News Big Losers From New Hampshire.

It is not only how they cover candidates, or what the pundits actually say but it is how the political overage is provided and structured.

Trump figured out the media early on and has manipulated them in a truly magnificent way.

The media is seething about it, attacking Trump on all sides but afraid to drop their coverage of him for fear of losing out to other media outlets in the competitive ratings race.

Several, such as NPR and Fox have scaled back their news coverage of Trump but it has had little effect.

The point of all of this is it is difficult to get a real neutral view of any candidate from social media or any of the networks especially the cable networks.

The political media class is no longer journalists reporting but they are arbitrators deciding who qualifies and for whom you should or should not vote.

The very foundation of this country is based on the fact you do not have to be part of a political class to be elected to govern at any level. The people not the political media class decide who will be elected to public offices.

I am fed up with the political media class crying about Trump, worrying about Sanders and pushing Marco Rubio in my face every time I change channels.

Whether you are watching broadcast news, cable news or reading social media just remember every one of these outlets, reporters, pundits and commentators, including me, have a personal agenda.

As a voter, you are smart enough to see through all of this. Pick out the person you truly believe in and vote for them. It is just that simple.

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Contributor: Bob Gualtieri for Pinellas County Sheriff

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