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PSTA CEO Brad Miller's Evaluation by PSTA Board Member Janet Long

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Coauthor of: So You Want Blog

Each year PSTA Board Members are asked to complete a formal evaluation of the PSTA CEO Brad Miller. 

This Series gives the detailed evaluation by each PSTA Board Member.

Text is taken from Documents obtained from formal Public Records Request with NO edits.

Instructions (To Board Members)
Please take a few minutes to provide a numerical score in the following 10 general performance areas. You may also provide narrative comments as needed. A narrative providing some further explanation of each performance area is provided to help guide you in developing your overall score.

Reviewer:  Janet Long  Commissioner Pinellas County PSTA Secretary/Treasurer
1. Organizational Leadership
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   2

COMMENTS:  Brad has been making steady progress in improving organizational and leadership skills. Problem solving, productivity and improved performance have been ongoing for the past six months. His recommendations regarding a 'Path Forward' for PSTA have been successfully approved by the entare Board. Brad is working very hard to realign the goals & objectives as well as our Mission to insure a steady and efficient movement towards better public transportation for the future of Pinellas County. With that said, there still appears to be a lack of basic leadership skills evidenced most recently by not designating a strong second in command for the recent Board meeting. The initial monthly briefings with Board mernbers appears to have stopped leading to a diminishing level of confidence in Brad's ability to successfully lead PSTA forward. Leadership within the organization appears to be lacking given the constant problems with the unions and with the press.

2. Future Opportunities & Investments
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   2

COMMENTS:  There is much more that can be done to better position PSTA as an agency of choice for our citizens. Partnerships with major employers such as the one crafted with St. Petersburg College should be explored. Positioning PSTA as an employer of choice is another that comes to mind. From reports that come to the Board, it would be nice to see more positive feedback about what it is like to work at PSTA. It was surprising to learn that HART has a program for students during the summer whereby they can ride the bus for free and that they have 50,000 to 60,000 schooltrips each month. A more robust Wellness program might go a long way towards having less employees calling in sick each month. Creating an incentive program to be healthy could be a good way to help employees reduce insurance premiums. More information regarding what is going on across the country in terms of new technologies could be helpful in setting policy for PSTA.

3. Policy Development & Strategy
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   2

COMMENTS:  Brad's presentations are well done, However, his ability to verbally present in a way that inspires and instills confidence is lacking and is often interpreted as clumsy and awkward. Brad is working hard to address this issue and needs to continue. He does appear to be aware of best practices. In terms of challenges going forward, there has not been a clear articulation of vision for the future. Board leadership has also been lacking and I am not aware of any effort to develop the strategic and critical thinking elements necessary for Board leadership other than the recent realignment of committee structure.

4. Policy Implementation
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   2

COMMENTS: For a few months, Brad was doing a good job of meeting with Board members and other pertinent stakeholders to provide updates, and review upcoming issues. That effort seems to have taken a back seat with the exception of a few phone calls to alert us to a problem or particular circumstance that needs attention.

5. Working Relationship with the PSTA Board (As a Governing Body)
Rating for this category on a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   2

Brad has been working to build better relationships with the Board, however he has stopped communicating with us on a weekly basis and thus when issues surface we often find out through
the media and/or an e-mail from a disgruntled employee or citizen.

6. Working Relationship with Individual PSTA Board Members
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   2

COMMENTS: Brad has certainly been working hard to keep me apprised of issues and critical information. I'm not convinced that the rest of the Board has been kept in the loop. In my
one on one interaction he has been excellent at accepting critiques and taking action to move forward. His action plan is not consistent, decisive and implemented.

7. Financial Resource Management
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   2

COMMENTS:  For most of this past year, the financial picture of PSTA has been a moving target. That inconsistency in the numbers we have been given has contributed to a credibility issue within the Board. While I do believe a positive effort is being made, I remain skeptical.

8. Human Resource Management
Rating for this category on a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE: 2

COMMENTS: This is an area that needs attention. Brad has very competent people in the organization. He doesn't appear to have a strong second in command who would be capable of taking over the Agency if he were suddenly not there - evidenced by the recent experience at our Board meeting.

9. Community Leadership & Relations
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   3
COMMENTS:  Brad does do a good job attending community meetings and participating in events. I'm not convinced that he has managed to change perceptions about this management and leadership

10. Project Management
Rating for this category is a scale of 1 (worse) to 5 (best).   SCORE:   3.0

COMMENTS: There is no question that Brad has all of the technical skill sets to operate an effective, efficient and complex transportation system. ln this highly developed, urban, progressive and innovative County, and at this critical juncture in our business, economic and political climate, it is my belief that PSTA needs to have a discussion about the leadership, skill sets, and abilities going forward.

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