Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday June 8, 2014 St Pete PD Promotions and the New Chief

Kameel Stanley had an interesting piece in the Tampa Bay Times this week: Police union says inquiry into St. Petersburg promotions didn't go far enough

Michael Kron, executive director of the Suncoast Benevolent Association (PBA), said "It's like reading halfway through a book and not getting the last few pages, why isn't the city investigating further? Why didn't we get any answers?"

Good question. Likely answer, what you don't know you don't have to respond too. Kron is right there are a number of issues with the promotion process.

Also interesting was Mayor Kriseman's decision to let interim Chief DeKay go forward with the promotions that originally sparked all the controversy.

A better approach would have been to let the existing chief fill these spots with temporary appointments, if they are really critical to PD operations, which is doubtful.

It is likely the current Chief will pick a few of his special people and place them in these positions leaving the new Chief to deal with some people who feel "anointed" to their spot.

In my view, not one of the Mayors' stronger decisions.

On the brighter side, Assistant Chief Luke Williams did not make the finalist list for Police Chief. This one a good decision by the Mayor and the selection team. Williams all but did himself in the Mount Zion Church meeting debacle.

Williams is just not ready for the level of responsibility and maturity the St. Pete Police Chief position requires. His presence as an Assistant Chief will present a serious challenge to whoever becomes the new Chief.

The finalist candidate pool looks pretty good. All are experienced, seasoned professionals.

The Mayor is batting about 500 on my scorecard in the PD Chief game. Let's see if he can hit one out of the park with his final selection.

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