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SUNDAY May 11, 2014 What the Readers are Saying About The Sales Tax Ordinance

Since my Posts appear on several blog sites, here is a sample of some of the reader comments about the
proposed Sales Tax Ordinance.

Larry - Is there anything in the way of a plan or specific description of what it is that the money is to be spent on. Just giving a ton of money to a bunch of political hacks or clueless well-intentioned people is not my idea of acceptable. I am very skeptical of any program involving tax dollars that is not clearly spelled out.

I am strongly in favor of a comprehensive, affordable and convenient system of public transportation, but I want to see an integrated plan with buses connecting with light rail, etc., and going where people need to go.
Some day we, the general public, will have to break up the love affair with the individual auto, so
let's plan for it and do it right. Loved the Tube in London, the Metro in DC, and the El in Chicago. You can get all over the place using public transportation in a major urban area. Why not here?

Bill - ..... All it says is we are going to give them money, "LEVYING THE CHARTER COUNTY AND REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM SURTAX SUBJECT TO ELECTOR APPROVAL AT A RATE OF ONE PERCENT" Show me where it says any of what they will do with the money in the ordinance above. There is NO guarantee of anything. Even if you do like their plan, shouldn't it be spelled out, even in a simplistic form in the ordinance??? This is nothing but giant money grab.

Laura - Good stuff! Keep on top of them, we beat them in Hillsborough, a second loss in Pinellas would be sweet victory! ....

Richard - The earlier Hillsborough referendum failed, in part, because a proposed tax increase was assured, but the alleged transportation benefits were not.
Joe - Good Job!!! I've been saying this for a while now, the only legal promise that Pinellas Ordinance 13-34 makes is that if passed, the sales tax in Pinellas will be increased by a penny!!! Keep up the great work!

Charlie H - ..... The voters need to understand the facts and what they will be voting for in November. I am convinced the politicians and special interests that are supporting GLP think the voters will buy the glossy professional sale pitch - "hook, line and sinker" and ignore the truth. Your blog continues to shed light on this massive money grab and I want you to know I support you 100% and I am definitely voting NO!

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Pro or Con be sure to add your comments.

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Make sure you and your friends know what they are really voting for.

The Series continues Monday.

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