Friday, November 15, 2013

Kriseman Continues to Build an Outstanding Team

Mayor elect Rick Kriseman continued to build a top notch team to lead St. Petersburg with the selection of Dr. Kanika Tomalin. Dr. Tomalin, a high ranking member of the senior staff at Health Management Systems (Bayfront Medical Center) is Mayor elect Kriseman's pick as Deputy Mayor.

Powerbroker Magazine quoted the Mayor elect  “Dr. Tomalin has clearly demonstrated her grasp of the dynamics and nuances of large public systems. She is deeply connected to the community and shares my commitment to advancing an agenda of equality, opportunity and innovative solutions to our city’s most pressing issues. We have been fortunate to work together on policy decisions that define quality of life and healthcare in our community. Through these interactions I have come to trust her expertise, dedication and integrity. She will bring those same important qualities to my administration for the benefit of our entire city.”

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Mayor elect Kriseman's transition team and early staff picks with Dave DeKay as interim Police Chief and Dr. Kanika Tomalin as Deputy Mayor look like the Mayor elect will hit the ground with a strong team.
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