Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kriseman Verses Foster To Close To Call?

If you follow the polls it looks like the mayor's race in St. Pete is too close to call. But when I get out on the street and actually start talking to people I get a different feel.

When I ask someone who they support and are likely to vote for, those that indicate Foster is their choice tend to not look at me they just say "Bill Foster" or "Foster I guess" and glance off into the distance. When I press and ask why, the usual answer is "I think he has done a pretty good job."
When the response is Rick Kriseman, voters tend to look me in the eye and go on without any prompting to statements like: "I think he will be a great Mayor," "or the City really needs some new leadership and I think Kriseman is the right guy,"  they often go on to list a number of things they think Kriseman will the take lead on like crime, neighborhoods and better relations with our neighboring Cities like Tampa.
Not a very scientific approach I'll grant you, but the Kriseman folks regardless of age or ethnicity are excited about and dedicated to their candidate, while Foster supporters seem less sure and less confident in their choice.
Party affiliation may be playing a role here as the race has become more partisan, party loyalty may be creeping in.
If you haven't voted your mail in ballot take a look at my Posts on the candidates' positions, Mayoral Candidates Answer Your Questions,  it may add some insight as you make up your mind.
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