Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Legend of The Big Bed Pan - It's Time To Vot

Elroy was comfortably resting in the sleeper cab of the big Kenworth at a truck stop just over the Georgia line. The CAT diesel purred quietly in the background and the AC fan provided  a comfortable breeze.
It was about 7:00PM the thermometer said the outside temperature was still 88 degrees. He would rest for a while, then go to the restaurant for a bite of dinner before turning in.
It had been a long day. Rained like cats and dogs on his way up from St. Pete. He was headed to Atlanta for a quick turn around and back to St. Pete.
Elroy had picked up his mail from the kitchen table before he left home and as he thumbed through the car ads, grocery store flyers, political mailers he came across his mail in ballot.
"Hmm" crossed his lips as he opened the packet, guess it's decision time, he thought.
About that time his reverie was interrupted by a loud banging on the side of the sleeper and a familiar voice yelled, "Hey Elroy you in there?" "This is Cletus!"
Elroy pushed the button that unlocked the cab door an Cletus jumped into the driver's seat.
Whew, man it is hot," Cletus said. "The AC in the Jimmy is working all that good"
Is that your mail in ballot you're looking at ," Cletus asked?
"Yep, sure is," Elroy replied.
"Ya know I just can't seem to get my head wrapped around all of the facts and myths that seem to be coming out about the Big Bed Pan err..... LENS," Cletus said.
"Really?" "How So?" Elroy asked.
"Is there an air-conditioned restaurant out there on that thing or not?" "And is that amphitheater an amphitheater or just some concrete steps to set on?" Cletus asked.
"If that thing faces south you would need some pretty thick padding to set on or your gonna end up with some burned buns in the daytime," Cletus went on.
Elroy smiled.
Cletus continued, "and what about that bike path that has a ramp to steep to ride down?  is that gonna be safe for my kids?" "I think I am just going to vote NO to stop this whole mess," Cletus said.
Elroy took a deep breath, he knew what he was about to say was going to lengthen the conversation.
If you want to stop the LENS you have to vote YES," Elroy replied.
"What?" Cletus exclaimed!
"You are voting to cancel the contract with the company that would design and build the LENS so you have to vote YES to cancel the contract," Elroy explained.
"So a YES vote means no LENS?" Cletus asked.
"Yep." "A YES vote means no Big Bed Pan," Elroy replied.
Cletus opened the door,  Elroy asked, "where you going?" "Back to the truck and mark that Ballot before I get more confused," Cletus replied. 
Elroy could hear Cletus as he walked across the parking lot:
"Yes means no LENS." "Yes means no LENS." "Yes means no LENS." "Yes means no LENS."
Elroy smiled again, filled in the circle next to YES on his Ballot marked the rest of his choices, sealed the envelope and signed the back.
He put it up on the visor so he would be sure to mail it the minute he got back to St. Pete.
Have your say.  VOTE YES TO Stop The Lens.
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