Monday, August 5, 2013

The FUD Affect

FUD - Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.
It is the key tactic used in political campaigns when the opposition is in a panic about losing.
The FUD Affect is in full bloom in the St. Pete mayoral election.
The level of concern among those who have run St. Petersburg for a long time and those who feed off of them  is at epic levels.
You don't need PolitiFact or a poll, just look in your mail box.
The real question is, why? What are they really afraid of?
Part of the answer is the people that want to build the LENS, protect Beach Drive, fawn over the Rays, focus on downtown and generally have someone in the mayor's office they can manipulate are genuinely scared to death of Kathleen Ford.
Just the thought of the neighborhoods getting back into a power position drives the politically connected crazy.
Oh they mouth all the words about wanting the neighborhoods in the political process and then do all they can to stop the people from having a real say.
Notice that the people behind the Ford smear efforts are careful to hide their identity behind a Political Action Committee as I predicted in Where is Rick Baker.
You have to sort through all of this stuff and come to your own conclusion.   
If you read through the Ford Files, the slick print smear mail, and the editorial trash talk carefully, what you will see is Kathleen Ford is a  person of conviction who does not sway in the wind blown by the politically connected and the powerful. That's the problem.
You may question the zeal but it's hard to question Kathleen Ford's dedication.
I think Kathleen Ford will make a great Mayor because she will do the right thing. Not the Chamber of Commerce thing, not the Beach Drive thing, not the Arts Council thing, not the downtown thing, but the right thing. Kathleen Ford knows there is a St. Petersburg south of central and West of 16th Street.
When you vote don't be swayed by the FUD factor.
They are just trying to steal your opportunity to finally be heard in City Hall once again.
They want a marshmallow mayor who can't lead and they can manipulate, or someone so beholden to the party he can't really concentrate on the City so the power brokers can go about business as usual.
Kathleen Ford knew all of this would happen, she knew she would be attacked, and she knew the attacks would be personal, yet she had the courage to run for Mayor.
Now, you need to have the courage to vote for her.
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Have your say.  VOTE YES TO Stop The Lens.
Be sure to mark your mail in ballot, sign the back of the envelope and mail it right away

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