Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ten Reasons You Should Vote For Kathleen Ford

This election is all about where St. Petersburg goes in the future.

The real question is do you want more of the same lack luster leadership of Bill Foster while St. Petersburg flounders with no sense of direction or purpose?

Do you want your City controlled by the Tallahassee lobbyists and the Democratic Party who support Rick Kriseman?

Neither of Kathleen Fords' opponents have a vision for ST. Petersburg, they only have a vision for themselves and those they are beholden to.

Here are the top ten reasons to vote for Kathleen Ford in the Primary election Tuesday August 27, 2013:

10. The Florida Association of Realtors hate her

9. The Chamber of Commerce hates her

8. The Beach Drive Barons are scared to death of her

7. Kathleen Ford stood up to the elite who were pushing the LENS

6. Kathleen Ford will fight to make things better in South St. Pete

5. Kathleen Ford will rebuild the neighborhoods

4. Kathleen Ford will make sure your Fire Department is ready to roll all the time

3. Kathleen Ford will bring back Community Policing

2. You can trust Kathleen Ford with your tax dollars

1. Kathleen Ford will make sure YOU have a say in your City.

Be sure to VOTE on Tuesday.

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Have your say. VOTE YES TO
Stop The Lens.

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