Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gavin is in trouble and Amy Foster has a big lead in the polls

Support from the Mayor's office for the neighborhood associations is critical, but how their elected district representatives view the neighborhood associations will, to a large extent, determine the success of the neighborhood associations and their ability to impact the political and administrative process.

So how do the City Council candidates feel about the neighborhoods, their associations and the role of these organizations in the administration?
We continue with the District 8 Candidates.
I posed this question to the City Council candidates:  Do you support the neighborhood association concept and what will you do to specifically help rebuild this City asset?
Robert J. Davis:
I have long been an active supporter of our Neighborhood Association concept and have been an active participant in these community organizations, from the time I moved with my family to St. Pete about 15 years ago.  I have served as a President of a Neighborhood Association with we lived in Crescent Heights, and I am a member of the Central Oak Parks Neighborhood Association, where we currently reside and own a home.
I am a graduate of the CONA Leadership program, where I was exposed to the diversity of most of the Neighborhood Associations in St. Petersburg.
Alexander Duensing
Neighborhood associations are an important way for neighbors to come together to express the needs of their community.
To strengthen them, I would support neighborhood association grants--particularly for outreach and social events. I would also, as a community-connector, strive to bring neighborhood associations together with other initiatives that benefit the community.
Amy Foster
Yes. I believe some of our city’s greatest strengths are the neighborhoods and the people who live here. I have seen first-hand how neighborhoods can tackle issues that government can’t address alone. I will continue to attend neighborhood association meetings to keep abreast of issues and concerns and work with neighborhood leaders and city officials to proactively address emerging issues. I support the return of neighborhood partnership grants, particularly in areas with the greatest need. I will encourage our stronger neighborhood organizations to mentor fledging or struggling associations to replicate success.
Steve Galvin
yes. I fully support the neighborhood Association concept. I think that Council members need to engage the neighborhood associations in their districts. Every District has unique needs and they need to be acknowledged and addressed by their Council member. I would schedule a meeting with each Neighborhood Assn. President bi-monthly and attend their regular meetings to hear firsthand what is lacking and what they would like the City to do or help with on their behalf. I have been very engaged in my neighborhood, having restored several foreclosed or abandoned homes personally.
My ThoughtsAll of the District 8 candidates seem focused on the neighborhood concept. That interest should bode well for District 8 residents. You might also note that Robert Davis is a former neighborhood association president and a graduate of the CONA (Council of Neighborhood Associations) Leadership Program. Excellent experience for a Council Member.
On this issue this is a group of well focused candidates.
If you would like to see these candidates responses to all of the seven questions click District 8 City Council RACE Seven Questions.
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