Monday, August 12, 2013

District 2 Candidates on the Role of the Neighborhood

Support from the Mayor's office for the neighborhood associations is critical, but how their elected district representatives view the neighborhood associations will, to a large extent, determine the success of the neighborhood associations and their ability to impact the political and administrative process.
So how do the City Council candidates feel about the neighborhoods, their associations and the role of these organizations in the administration?
Responses from the District 2 Candidates.
I posed this question to the City Council candidates:  Do you support the neighborhood association concept and what will you do to specifically help rebuild this City asset?
James Kennedy: No response
Lorraine Margeson:Absolutely, paying attention to the neighborhood association process would be helpful, it seems that this important component of city support services has been ignored in this administration.  The Neighborhood Partnership department for the city used to be very vital and very helpful, that department needs to have the resources and support to once again be an effective outreach and support system to the neighborhood association concept.  Council members need to make regular visits and NOT just to their district meetings, but go to meetings all over the city, we must keep our ears to the ground in order to gauge the feelings and desires of our constituents.
My ThoughtsAs I have posted before, I thought Jim Kennedy was a bad choice when he was appointed by City Council in 2007 and nothing he has done in the last six years has changed my mind. Kennedy seems to deeply enamored with the elite and strongly in the grips of the downtown power brokers.
Margeson would be a breath of fresh air, and also an opportunity for the people in District 2 to have some real representation on City Council.
These two do not appear on the August 27th Ballot since there are only two in the race. This District's choice will be determined in the City wide race on November 5th.
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