Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Time To Follow The Money and Give Some

Money is the oil and fuel  that keeps campaign machines running. If you would like to follow the money for yourself check out 2013 Campaign Treasures Report.
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The current data is for the first quarter of 2013, next round of reports is due at the end of June.
Click on the office on the left of the screen and the filings will come up on a new page. Click any candidate for a list of contributors, amounts and campaign expenses.
Bill Foster, Rick Kriseman and Darden Rice are the most prolific fund raisers so far.
For a non partisan election, the Democratic party is ponying up big for Kriseman along with a lot of out of town donors. Makes you wonder what they know and we don't.
No report for Kathleen Ford, She entered the race after the first filing date.
Most of the City Council campaigns run on relatively small budgets, but Darden Rice who is well connected politically is doing an outstanding job of fund raising.
If your thinking about making a campaign contribution, and I would encourage you to do so, but you may want to wait until after the primary.
On the other hand, if your candidate is a long shot then you should contribute now so they have the best opportunity in the primary.
Individual contributions are limited to $500 per candidate for the primary and for the general election.
Most of the candidates have really easy to use web sites, GOOGLE your favorite candidate and that should get you to their campaign web site. You can contribute by check or credit card. The online credit card sites are really easy to use.
A campaign contribution no matter how small puts you in the game. It lets you vote twice. Once with your wallet and then with your pen.
You will be surprised at how your interest picks up once you have a few bucks invested.
Your contribution is important. Most of the candidates I have known or worked for look at that list not so much to see who contributed how much but to see all the names of the people who support them. It is one of those things that keep candidates going when things are not looking all that good.
So no matter how much your favorite candidate has raised, if you have not supported him or her, make a contribution and let them know you are out there pulling for them.
Your contribution is more than money it is true support.
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Campaign Disclosures: Contributor to Darden Rice Campaign

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