Friday, May 10, 2013

Two Weeks and Waiting for St. Pete Candidates to Speak Up

Two weeks ago I posted a list of seven questions, It's Time To Go On the Record,  for St. Pete Council and Mayoral  Candidates to answer:
1. Should the LENS come to a referendum, will you support voting to stop the project.
2. Do you support closing the Pier?
3. Will you move to end the red light camera program?
4. Do you support the Rays talking to anyone in Pinellas County or Hillsborough County about a stadium site?
5. Do you support the neighborhood association concept and what will you do to specifically help rebuild this City asset?
6. Do you support hiring a new Police Chief?
7. What specifically what will you do to begin to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in South St. Pete?
So far only one has responded.
There are lots of fund raisers, people asking for your help, support and money, but so far only Dr. David McKalip has gone on the record with where he stands.
We are approaching the 90 day window before the primary, it is time for less politicking and some serious substance about where these candidates actually stand.
Their websites contain no specifics, they are absent from public appearance save the incumbents, but they sure do want your money.
If this batch of candidates is going to ignore the peoples' desire to understand where they stand on key issues, then maybe we need some more candidates.
We don't need a new City Council and Mayor setting up a new representative government to carry out their own personal agendas.
If they are not willing to go on the record now with where they stand on these seven questions, it is pretty safe bet you will disappointed if you vote for them.
In the mean time copy these questions and put them in your wallet or purse and on the rare chance you see them in public ask them one of these questions. You might also e-mail them the questions or a link to the Post above.
My advice for now is sit on your wallet and your check book until you find out what these candidates are really thinking.
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