Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Weeks and Still Waiting

If you have not had a chance to look at the websites of the candidates for St. Pete Mayor here are the links: Bill Foster, Kathleen Ford, Rick Kriseman.

Foster’s site is by far the most developed. Be sure to scroll through the Foster 40 to see the Mayor’s take on how he is doing. Want to comment?  Please do so here.
Ford’s website features a letter to the public that states her basic positions. Kathleen has been very consistent in her approach.
Kriseman’s site contains a video with some generalizations and large plea for donations. It seems like Kriseman is a candidate for Mayor but he is running a campaign for a state office. It may be time for some new advisers.
The mayoral candidates have all been very quiet on key issues and have yet to respond to my seven questions from It's Time To Go On the Record.
So far, four City Council Candidates have laid out their positions on my seven questions. Dr. David McKalip, Steve Gavin, Carolyn Fries and Bill Hurley are now On The Record. Click here and scroll down to Comments to see their responses.
My biggest disappointment so far is Darden Rice who continues to play more on the politics and less on the issues. Rice said. "I am competing against myself to work harder every day. We simply can’t risk my major opponent being someone who would be in public office. It would be the worst thing for this city."
Possibly, but if we get a City council person who spends most of her time playing politics, cozying up to the Democratic party power brokers and ducking the issues we get another ineffective council member.  All of Rice’s opponents are on the record, but so far Darden is silent. 
And before someone points it out, yes down there at the bottom I did contribute to Darden’s campaign because I thought she was ready to go to work for St. Pete. So far it seems she is working for Darden.
I suspect there are several of us who contributed to Darden’s campaign that would like to see a little less politics and stage setting and a little more substance.
The challenge is to go on the record so voters will know where candidates stand on these significant issues. St. Pete needs a roll up our sleeves City Council and Mayor who will work on the serious problems and find solutions. This neither the time or place to be furthering your political career.
It’s been four weeks and we are still waiting.
If you are CANDIDATE and going to respond click here It's Time to Go On The Record and respond to each question as a SEPARATE Comment.
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Campaign Disclosures: Contributor to Darden Rice Campaign

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