Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Useless Audit

The word is back from the external audit of the Hilton Impact fee issue. The outside audit firm Mayor, Hoffman McCann P.C. concluded there were no improprieties. This external audit only looked at the auditing methods used in previously evaluating the impropriety and random sampled impact fee cases.

Cost $50,000.
All of which goes to show if you narrowly draw the external audit parameters you can pretty much get the results you want.

St. Petersburg tax payers are $50,000 poorer, Don Tyre, the guy with the short memory who cut the Hilton the break, is still drawing his salary and headed for a retirement ride on the tax payers dime and we still don't know what happened.

Another attempt to bury the issue failed. Council member Danner wanted a Resolution that essential excused Tyre from any "guilt", never mind the fact he IS the guy who made the change. Wisely Council did not side with Danner.

I am sure there are a lot people at City Hall, Including the Mayor that would like to see this issue go away. But I don't think it will.

Why would you keep Tyre on the payroll? He committed an improper act.

Why not just fire him?

Let's get this thing into court and see if Mr. Tyre will incriminate himself in front of a judge. In my limited experience with the legal system, a faulty memory is not usually a good defense.
I don't think anyone in the administration wants to see this thing in the legal system. That is likely why the Police Department was never asked to investigate. The threat of some jail time might seriously refresh Mr. Tyre's memory.

Mr. Tyre is still on the payroll because it is in somebody or somebody's' best interest to leave him there.

The Mayor has no stomach for these issues, City Council has had more than enough, the taxpayers have been denied both money and justice, Mr. Tyre is seemingly safe and secure in his job: nothing is right in this world.

Will we ever know what happened? Not likely, unless, Mr. Tyre decides to write his memoirs, after he retires of course.

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