Friday, March 16, 2012

A Search for Pinellas County's Most Important Person

With the departure of interim School Superintendent John Stewart, the Pinellas Country School Board begins, for the fourth time in the last 8 years, a search for a new person to lead the Pinellas County school system.

Here is a group that is almost the poster child for dysfunctional decision making. Especially in the hiring arena. Already they are arguing about who the consultant/recruiter should be. Up for sole consideration FASB ( Florida School Boards Association). Just the name sends shivers up my spine. More in breeding.

This is the crowd that conducted a national search, recommended Alberto Carvalho from Miami Dade, who turned the job down. Probably after one interview with the School Board.

They ended up hiring Julie Janssen.

If after looking statewide, and considering only one recommended candidate; then selecting an in house, under qualified, lack luster manager is the best the Board could do, why would they even think about considering FASB. Maybe the Board just likes to deal with its own kind.

The problem with the School Board is no vision and no courage. It is time to get a first rate national recruiting firm that can bring candidates who want and appreciate the challenge a school system like ours presents. Let's not let the School Board set up another recruitment "failure" and then quickly hire some insider that we have to pay off to get rid of in a couple of years.

Chairwoman Robin Wikle and newest member Glenton Gilzean want to open up the recruiter selection process to completion and that is a great idea. It would be refreshing to follow the rules for a change.


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