Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Pinellas County School District Shuffle

School Superintendent John Stewart is proposing to drop the number of administrators from 121 to 61 to save money and bring the Pinellas District more in line with similar Florida School districts.

BRAVO It is about time!

OOPS.... wait a minute.

The assistant Superintendent in charge of Human Resources said the employees involved will move to a "different pay scale a few may see some pay reductions but that would be rare".

Explain to me how this saves money?

Doc Webb's First Law of a Bureaucratic Activity states: A bureaucracy in place stays in place, grows for no logical reason and slowly declines in performance until acted on by an external change.

This is not a change it is the old "cut and shuffle" . We cut the position and shuffle the body over to a "lower" position at the same pay rate, the body falls off the organizational chart and everyone is happy.

Apparently the insidious culture of the District is so caustic and infectious that even Stewart can't resist it. First he announces his departure then a reorganization that really isn't. It's a re-shuffle.

Pressure from where? The School Board, The unions, or has he just thrown in the towel? The devil will be in the details to be presented April 24 for a School Board vote.

Also interesting was the reluctance on the School Board's part to cut Stephanie Joyner's position. Are we getting a hint of the next Superintendent following an "unproductive" national search?

The District is in full hustle mode to pass Referendum 411 that extends an existing property tax, but a recent Survey by St. Petersburg Polls and Surveys indicates 60% of those surveyed do not support the referendum.

There's a big hint about how the public feels about the Pinellas County School system.

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