Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time To Go

I have a very large Oak in the back of my property. Every year for the last decade or so I have been entertained by a family of nesting Blue Jays. This year, I count four nests in the tree, not all Blue Jays I am sure. This weekend I spent part of Saturday at home cleaning a bit and the afternoon in the pool. My resident Blue Jays were all the twitter, moving this years hatchlings out of the nest and on their way. The adults were most insistent and soon the young, three of them, were enticed to a nearby power wire, then a slightly more distant tree and then apparently gone.

My own resident feathered companion, Jeepers, a 25 year old Blue and Gold Macaw watched the whole proceeding with tacit approval but without much comment. Also odd because she has something to say about almost everything. It seemed a bit early in the summer to be moving the family out on their own. As of late Saturday afternoon none had returned.

Our faithful oak has been a reliable home for nesting birds and squirrels for many years, but perhaps moving on a bit early this year is the prudent thing for wise mother bird to do. It set me to thinking that maybe the Blue Jays know something about the upcoming hurricane season that I had missed. I grabbed the laptop checked the hurricane forecast and pulled up my hurricane check list and started making some changes. Probably time, the last up date was in 2009. You might want to check yours.

The Blue Jays may just know something.

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