Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Droid, Blackberry and the I-Phone

If your Blackberry is leaving a bit blue or your Apple I-Phone experience has turned a bit sour or your Droid is dreadful here is an up date from The Hill and Author Sara Jerome: “Qualcomm chief executive Paul Jacobs said the wireless industry did not anticipate the explosion in data traffic on their networks as people began accessing the Internet on their mobile phones. "Demand for data has grown so rapidly, it almost has caught the industry by surprise," he said. Stressing access to spectrum as a key solution, Jacobs said last year marked the first time data traffic exceeded voice traffic on the networks. "AT&T is talking about 5,000 percent increases in their traffic in a span of three years," he said. "But guess what, it's not stopping at all." Mobile is "dominating" the broadband landscape, according to Jacobs, who cited a "a perfect storm of innovation and opportunity." Seventy-five percent of total broadband subscribers will be mobile broadband subscribers by 2014, he said, calling wireless the "the largest platform in the history of mankind."

My greatest fear is a mutation of the thumbs causing them to become smaller as we attempt to perform ever more work on every smaller keyboards. Thumbs after all are one the things that set us aside from the other mammals. Smaller thumbs will make holding a beer difficult, hitchhiking impossible and displaying the old “thumbs up” a bit weird to say the least. Maybe there will be a AP for that.

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