Monday, July 26, 2010

Official Balloting Material

I am sitting here at my desk staring at my mail in ballot. The question is not so much who to vote for, but should I vote or wait? On the corner of the desk is a growing stack of campaign mailers with more showing up each day. Is there a new revelation, some more information… what to do? The millionaires running are impressive, but there is a lot to be said for experience. Most of these people running for Judge I have never heard of and many of them seem so young to be a judge. Oops profiling…

I kind of like the bald guy running for governor. I figure anyone clever enough to wiggle out of all that Medicare fraud would probably be a pretty good politician, not so sure about being governor. His principal opponent on the other hand looks like a worn out sleaze ball, but he does have good taste in private aircraft. In the Senate race I am already on record as being in Christ’s corner on this one. I think Rubio is a political hack. Greene reminds me of Jimmy Hoffa, kind of looks like him and he talks out the side of his mouth. Watch him carefully in the next TV spot. Meek? Well the name says it all. I think I’ll vote for Kogut. Didn’t he have a relative that was a Latin band leader?

The School board? That place is such a snake pit I don’t think it matters who you vote for.

Maybe I’ll wait a few days.

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