Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Emerging New Face of the GLBT Community

St. Pete Pride was fun, exciting, colorful and different. I have been at every St. Pete Pride event and have watched the event and the GLBT community grdaually morph into a new exciting and vibrant social movement. It seems to me that the Pride event has become more about who the GLBT community is than what they are. The GLBT community spans the entire spectrum from blue collar worker to corporate executive and all seemed to be represented.

The crowd was younger, more conservative in dress and attitude and seemed genuinely interested in the attention being shown by the political candidates and the many big name business and industries represented in the parade. What was even more impressive was the friedliness of the crowd and the many groups of people talking where subjects ranged from politics to where to go for lunch.

St. Petersburg should be proud of Pride. I am. It is an event that represents diversity and tolerance, while being a showcase for the dynamic changes in the GLBT community. If you can wipe the stereotype from your eye and take a fresh look you’ll be surprised at what you see.

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