Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Robert Kennedy Jr. For President


Opinion by:  
E. Eugene Webb PhD

Robert F Kennedy Junior is running for president of the United states.

This past week, Kennedy picked his vice-presidential running mate: 38-year-old Nicole Shanahan a lawyer and philanthropist from Oakland CA.

Since I am not particularly happy with either of the two major party candidates, as a growing number of Americans are, I have been looking at alternative third-party candidates as a place to cast my ballot.

For more information on miss Shanahan check out this article From USA TODAY: By KAREN WEINTRAUB AND TERRY COLLINS, USA TODAY Updated March 26, 2024 at 7:16 PM RFK Jr. picks running mate. What to know about philanthropist Nicole Shanahan.

If you decide to go the third-party route in the general election, you will want to do a little studying and make sure you are not completely throwing away your vote.

While none of the folks currently listed as third-party candidates stand a chance at winning the election as things look now, each candidate does have an agenda, most of them a platform along with an ideology.

None of the political pundits, analysts, and political operatives give any of these people a chance at winning, but you can be sure that all these media people are paying attention to how many votes the third-party candidates take away.

Both political parties will also be paying close attention to the third-party candidates, and their platforms and ideologies. The third-party effort is just going to continue to get larger and the mainstream political parties need to begin working on how they are going to entice third party voters back into the mainstream parties.

Since none of these third-party candidates are going to be able to afford to use mass media to communicate with their potential voters, if you are genuinely interested in who these people are and what they are doing you are going to have to find them and follow them on social media.

As a starting point check out WIKIPEDIA: Third party and independent candidates for the 2024 United States presidential election.

The no labels movement has continued to spark some interest but as of this writing no candidate has been announced. You can check out: from ABC News By Kelsey Walsh: No Labels has no candidate yet: What's next for group trying to launch third-party 2024 bid?

So far, those potential candidates like Chris Christie former governor of New Jersey, and former Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley have been reluctant to step up. Seems the long-term political cost is just too high.

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