Sunday, May 8, 2022

Are You One of the “Religious Nones"?


Opinion by:
E. Eugene Webb PhD

Mother's Day is a good time to pause and reflect. Whether your mother is still alive and with you, or she has passed, all our moms had something in mind for us as we were growing up.

Today, it's difficult to look around and not see our society, our culture, and our belief systems, all slowly unraveling. In all of this, pause for a moment and think a bit about your family growing up, and your mother's hopes, desires, and wishes for you and your siblings if you have any.

A central part of many of our mothers lives often centered around the church. It doesn't really matter for purposes of this discussion, whether you are Jewish, Catholic or Christian or whatever it might be, but a lot of us were sent off to church with the idea that there our faith might resemble that of our family.

Let's be honest. In a lot of cases, it worked in a lot of other cases it didn't work.

We have seen a gradual erosion of faith in the United States, faith in a God, faith in salvation, faith in repentance or faith in general.

Today there are more people who don't believe in any form of faith or spirituality whatsoever than there are who do.

From Lifeway Research By Aron Earls: 4 Factors That Help Open Doors for Evangelism: The term, “Religious Nones,” is a catchall for those who identify as agnostic, atheist, “spiritual but not religious,” “nothing in particular,” or unaffiliated—that is, individuals with no religious home.

I think most of our moms would like us to have a religious home. That place we can all go when everything has come completely apart and find comfort, safety, understanding, and love.

Being one of the “Nones” works for people right up until it doesn't. Right up until all those things your mom warned you about start happening.

If you have the blessing of seeing your mother this Mother's Day, give her a big hug and tell her, “Thanks mom.” It will be better than any bouquet of flowers, box of candy or other material gift that you might give her.

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