Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Gift Card is a Better Buy


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E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin  

The supply chain is a mess, so they tell us, everything is backed up in a port somewhere. Is it true? None of us consumers know for sure.

Some things are certain: Retailers are hiking their prices and hyping buy now!

It is easy to get caught up in the buying frenzy especially if you have kids or grandkids.

But now may be the time to step back and reconsider your shopping strategy.

Why fight the crowds and pay the outrageous prices? Consider the following.


Ease Of Purchase
Gift cards are breeze to buy. You can get them almost anywhere. They can be store specific or just general use.

Usually there is no “cost” to buy, and they are redeemed for the amount you pay.

You don’t need to enter the shopping fray, just stop at the checkout, pick up one or two for everyone on your shopping list and head out the door.

If you really want to enhance the experience, put the gift card in a box instead of an envelope. It makes gift opening a lot more fun

Personalized Giving
With a gift card, the giving is very personal. The recipient can shop at their leisure, pick out what fits or what they need and enjoy the gift.

Gift cards also allow delayed shopping allowing the gift to be used for needs when necessary.

Added Value
This year gift cards may pack an added bonus. There is little doubt there is a supply chain problem, but sooner or later all that stuff sitting out there on those cargo ships is going to come flooding into stores like a tsunami.

Adding to the retailer’s problems will be all the current merchandise will be showing up.

Economics 101, “When supply goes up, prices go down.”

That $50 or $100 gift card may buy considerably more in 60 to 90 days than the cash will buy right now. Look for a flood of sales on everything from underwear to electronics when the supply chain flood breaks loose.

About the kids. A lot of people, especially grandparents, may think the gift card as a “gift” loses some of the Christmas Spirit.

But, consider this, what better way to teach a child how to shop than letting them “spend” that card in a store of their choice. Take the grandparents along if you can, it will be a Christmas to remember.

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