Sunday, May 16, 2021

You Are Going to Need A New Excuse


Since COVID was defined as a pandemic, it has been used as the excuse for everything.

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E. Eugene Webb PhD 

Well, here we are. The vaccinations for COVID-19 are going well. A growing and significant number of people in the United States have been inoculated, in many area's hospitalizations and deaths are way down.

All of this presents a real problem for those who are consistent excuse makers.

Since COVID was defined as a pandemic, it has been used as the excuse for everything.

COVID is the excuse for: long lines, for poor or no customer service, the reason your car doesn't get repaired on time, and just about everything else that's gone wrong with business and commerce for the last year.

Even my bank got into the act. They reduced hours, reduced the number of people in the lobby, and it didn't matter what it was when I called the bank to ask what had happened in one of my accounts, the excuse was always the same, “Well you know the COVID thing...”

First it was comical, then it got annoying. Appointments were canceled; appointment times were moved without notifications; packages were delayed; products were not available on the shelf, and even as things begin to open up, every time, there's a problem the excuse is “oh it's the COVID-19 virus.”

There is some truth to the argument, that the COVID-19 virus had a profound effect on all of us and pretty much all that we do.

However, it also became the easiest excuse to use for not providing service, not going places, not holding up your end of responsibilities, at church, school, the social club or even at work.

However, all that is about to end as we get the COVID-19 virus more or less under control.

So, it's time to start looking for some new excuses about why as a society we don't perform.

So, here are some suggestions:

I don't have enough time
The Internet is down
I'm afraid of failure
We can't hire anybody
I'm not inspired
I need to find balance in my work and home life
It's not my fault; it's their fault
I can't overcome the inertia,
Not my job man
It's not original enough
I'm afraid of the competition
I got my expectations too high just thinking about it.

You can probably add a few of your own to the list. All you must do is just think for a few moments about your experiences over the past year or so.

We are all guilty, me included, for coming up with a convenient excuse about why we didn't do something.

We are just going to have to work a little harder at it in the next weeks and months because the easy out of not performing, not providing good service, not meeting deadlines, and generally not doing the job you are supposed to be doing is going away one vaccination at a time.

If you are really hard pressed, you can always fall back on some version of the old classic, “The dog ate my homework.”

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