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Easter 2020 In the Shadow of a Pandemic

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Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

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This Easter is nothing like we have ever seen before. The entire world is in the grasp of a pandemic that took only a few weeks to develop.
Freak of nature? Act of God?
These are questions many of us will be asking as we exercise our faith this weekend.
Insight from an unexpected source in the Tampa Bay Times by former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan on coronavirus: ‘Maybe we don’t need a vaccine’ .
So far, in my watching online church services, I have not heard much conversation from the on-line pulpit about God and CORONA-19.
For some background, the Ten Egyptian Plagues are described in the old testament Book of Exodus Chapters 7 through 11.
If you find yourself, all caught up in the old King James Version language, a quick GOOGLE will get you a modern translation which may be easier to understand.
If you are a little skittish about grabbing the old dusty Bible from the book case, fearing in might burst into flames in your hands, (highly unlikely, by the way, God appreciates it when we turn to his Word), you can check out the Plagues of Egypt at Wikipedia.
I suspect most preachers and priests of all denominations are a little reluctant to even hint that God might somehow have a purpose in COVID-19 since almost all rhetoric from the Pulpit these days is focused on convincing us God is really a nice person or deity.
Few of us would like to go to a virtual or real church service where it is even hinted that the prime figure of the service is somehow using something like this Pandemic to send us a message. Let alone dropping something in the offering plate following the service.
A lot of people and scholars tend to view this portion of the bible as simply biblical history and I suspect those who felt that an instantaneous massive event such as these was impossible.  I suspect their view may have changed slightly in the last two months.
It is very important when you begin thinking about the Ten Plagues of Egypt, you get the picture that the whole purpose of these events was to get the Government’s attention. It would seem God did not have it in for the Egyptian people only their government and its enslavement of his people.
It is certainly clear that COVID-19 has gotten virtually all the governments in the world attention.
For now, we are treating the symptoms and the results of COVID-19. There are many lessons to be learned here, and the spiritual implications should not be lost.
I do think it is time for the clergy to take a serious look at the biblical implications and parallels of this pandemic and draw some analogies for their parishioners. This is a teachable learning moment that should not be lost.
A little over 2000 years ago God’s incarnation of himself sent to redeem us from original sin, Jesus Christ, resurrected walked out of that tomb after being rejected and crucified by the religious government of his own people.
As we shelter at home with our families, you will have a unique opportunity to look more deeply at your faith.
Each Easter we, as Christians, claim that resurrection as the sacrifice for our sins and our salvation. This Easter is no different. If you have a question about your salvation or your relationship with God through Jesus Christ, please click this Link Who is This Jesus.
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